The Victorian Government, via Global Victoria, has extended an invitation to Glyde Metal Industries (as part of the ZenithGroup defence collaboration) to participate at Indo Pacific 2022 (this year’s prime maritime defence force expo) within the Victorian Government Pavilion.

This exciting announcement showcases Glyde Metal Industries’ manufacturing within the defence industry on the Australian and international stage.

Indo Pacific is being held during some of the largest ever Australian maritime programs being awarded. Glyde Metal Industries (GMI) will be exhibiting amongst world class equipment, technology and services, providing the ideal platform for a Dandenong-based SME to offer its defence manufacturing capability.

Our role in the Defence Industry Supply Chain

GMI has produced parts and assemblies for LAND 121 since 2016 and is currently supplying LAND 121 5B through to 2024, at a time when Sovereign Industry Capability has never been so important to the Australian defence supply chain.

GMI is a part of key industry alliances including :

  • the South East Melbourne Manufacturers Alliance (SEMMA)
  • Australian Defence Alliance and Victorian Defence Alliance
  • Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC)

Our Defence Industry Partners

  Defence Industry Capability

Even though we were already part of the defence industry supply chain, there were several areas we needed to focus on so we could enhance our opportunities. Here are just a few:

  • Cyber Security hardening
  • Identifying customer/market segment
  • Quad Chart development (ZenithGroup Quad Chart shown below)





ZenithGroup – Defence Supply Chain Collaboration

 Glyde Metal Industries is a founding member of ZenithGroup, an alliance of highly experienced manufacturers in the metal fabrication and metal machining industries.


ADA & Glyde Metal Industries – connecting Australian SME’s into the defence supply chain

Our experience working with the ADA is strongly valued – this expert assistance service headed by CEO Sean Farrell provides SME manufacturers with unparalleled support in their goal to be a defence supply chain partner.

If you are an SME contemplating breaking into, or wanting to expand opportunities within the defence supply chain, we strongly suggest becoming an ADA member.