Metal Laser Cutting Melbourne

With decades of experience and cutting-edge technology to match, we have the metal laser cutter ready to get your job done, whether your needs are hundreds or thousands of pieces. 

With laser cutting capabilities from 1mm thick steel right up to 25mm, we can expertly, quickly and competitively laser cut steel, aluminium and other metals to your precise requirements. 

And with Glyde Metal’s laser fabrication team in-house under one roof, your job never leaves our care.

Genius Fibre Laser Cutter in action

Laser Cutting Steel

If you have drawings to upload to us, we can laser holes, curves, angles or even intricate designs.

Our steel laser cutting machines are at your disposal :

– Genius 10kW Fibre Laser Cutting – state of the art laser technology

– Zaphiro 5kW CO2 Laser Cutting

– Bristow 3kW CO2 Laser Cutting – 6000mm long bed for long cuts

Manufacturers and Industries 

With 25 years of laser cutting experience under our belt, we’re confident we’ve got you covered. 

This is what sets us apart from the rest and provides you with a distinct advantage when you partner with us for your next job – experience and expertise. 

We currently work with a range of clients from diverse industries such as Defence LAND Program, Heavy Truck and Trailer, Power distribution, Healthcare, Light Trailer and Caravan, and are proud to be part of one of Victoria’s biggest infrastructure projects – Skyrail.

We use and recommend Bluescope Australian TruSpec steel

TRU-SPEC® steel was developed to provide excellent laser cutting quality and consistency, and this industry leading standard produces a coil steel plate product that is consistently flat and memory free.

The material gains its strength as high-temperature steel is rolled into sheets and layer upon layer of steel is compressed and forged into a single piece of steel until the final dimensions are achieved. As the flat steel sheet cools, it hardens into a usable piece of steel.

Our cutting and finishing process

We cost effectively cut mild and high-tensile steel, aluminium, copper and other metals
for short to medium run production quantities.
After your parts are cut you can optionally request additional processes
including Fabrication, Machining and MIG Welding.
We also offer competitively priced and high quality second operations
including Electro Plating, Powder Coating and Galvanising.

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If your project consists of Commercial Quantities, we’re here to help.