Project Primo Power

Established in 1965 Glyde Metal Industries Pty Ltd (GMI) is a steel fabrication business based in Dandenong South, Victoria. Under one roof, GMI engineer and manufacture steel parts for Defence Land Program 121, Phase 3B and 5B producing mild and high tensile steel fabricated assemblies in commercial quantities via repetitive metal fabrication including steel laser cutting, pressing and folding and special purpose welding.

GMI has recently enhanced its steel laser cutting capability, providing precision, high speed Fibre Laser Cutting (FLC) to the Defence Supply chain. The commissioning of this capability has the ability to improve manufacturing lead times. However, to achieve the optimum in performance and realise the full potential of this capability, GMI has initiated Project “Primo Power”.

Project Primo Power is intended to introduce extended capability to our FLC operations that will provide technological advancement combined with a significant uplift in our ability to meet the demands of GMI’s Defence Supply Chain customers. FLC is the new benchmark for accuracy and speed compared to CO2 laser cutting, the technology that preceded FLC; high accuracy of laser cut steel allows for higher quality parts to be manufactured more quickly that can be a better fit for purpose.

In addition, Project Primo Power will automatically store cut steel sheets once a laser cutting job is completed by the FLC. These cut steel sheets contain the laser cut parts and the steel surrounding the parts (dubbed the ‘skeleton’), Project Primo Power permits skeletons to be removed from storage for further processing whilst the FLC is cutting which enables productivity to be increased whilst simultaneously reducing response times to production schedule changes that occur – Project Primo Power provides GMI with an extension to its capability for Integrated Investment Plan (IIP) programs and the Defence Supply Chain.