About Glyde Metal Industries Pty Ltd

Company Information

Our headquarters and workshop is located at 65 Zenith Road, Dandenong South in the industrial heart land of Australia. GMI is within 3.4 kilometres of Melbourne’s arterial road transport network, Eastlink and the Monash M1 Freeway.

Our Story

Established in 1965, over 50 years in business. 

Since 1993, the current owners have grown the business from six staff to its current workforce of over 35 engineers, tradespeople & staff.

Our Values
Integrity – We do what we say we will do
Honesty – We do the right thing
Responsibility – We take ownership for our actions
Loyalty – We support each other long term
Teamwork – We work towards one goal


One-off jobs and customs?

We specialise in supply-chain component manufacturing. Industrial or commercial first-offs and prototypes are only produced with volume orders.

Are you accredited?

Yes, ISO9001 quality accreditation held continuously for more than twenty-five years.

Do you fabricate all types of steel?

We weld Mild and High-tensile metals and Stainless Steel.

CAD drawings, will that be enough for you to provide a quote?

Yes. Usually, CAD drawings and dxf files are all we require, but if you have special requirements, please let us know.

Do you offer coatings and industrial finishes?

Yes, we offer a wide variety of specialised services for your parts, components and assemblies.

Surface preparation including shot and sand blasting, pickling and chemical cleaning, and heat treatment.

Post-production including wash grinding, passivation and electro polishing.

Protective metal coatings including hot dip galvanising, spin galvanising, zinc plating, ecoat, powder coat, priming and wet paint.

Laser cutting, what is available?

Fibre laser is the new benchmark for accuracy and speed and is provided as part of our fabrication service for your production parts, components and assemblies. We do not cut your steel nor offer contract cutting alone.

I don’t have drawings for my job, will you be able to provide a quote?

No, CAD drawings are vital, so we understand your requirements.

What lead-times do you offer?

Vary widely depending upon your project but typically 2-8 weeks.

What welding is available?

With ten welders and boilermakers plus automated robotic MIG welding our highly skilled team have capacity to fabricate using MIG (GMAW), TIG (GTAW) and Flux Core (FCAW) welding. Our welding capability extends to production runs in the thousands of parts or shorter runs for large components.

Onsite fabrication?

We manufacture from our premises in Dandenong, Victoria, Australia and do not provide onsite fabrication services.