CNC Machining Melbourne

Whether you seek to create new components or modify existing parts, our CNC Machining Centres are available for precision operations and compliment our laser cut, press form and welding capabilities.
From small components up to large parts with centres up to 2000mm our highly experienced operators can perform Drilling, Reaming, Milling, Lathe and many other services.

Metal Machining Services

Holes, slots, chamfers, countersinks, notches, angles and much more for power distribution, defence, metro rail, heavy transport (truck and trailer plus mining), hydraulic tank and medical industries are precisely positioned and created to your drawing tolerance by our expert team of engineers, trades persons, technicians and staff.

Metal CNC Machine

There’s more to metal manufacturing than simply using grade “250” or grade “350”, there are important detail differences between the different steels covered by these general headings. Then there’s high tensile steel including Bisalloy®, Strenx®, Xtraform® and more – no matter what your metal requirement is we professionally cut, press and fabricate to your specification and drawings.

If your project consists of Commercial Quantities,
we’re here to help, don’t hesitate to get in touch.