Metal Fabrication Melbourne

We have experienced engineers, boilermakers and technicians
working together under one roof to fabricate the parts you require.

Laser cutting, Pressing, MIG welding, Machining, Cleaning, Coating and assembly are available to produce your components.

Simply send your drawings via our Quote Request page and we can prepare and send you a competitive quotation.

Components and Parts

Rail and Skyrail
Heavy Truck Suspension and Rework
Light Trailer and Caravan
High Voltage Electrical

Fabricated Steel
Small Structures
Precision Parts


Repetitive industrial fabrication is our strength which is why major construction companies and cutting-edge SMEs turn to us first

Experience & Expertise

In business for 50 years, our precision-driven engineers rely on their decades of experience whilst embracing new & transformative technologies.

Hard-won Trust

Our clients trust us implicitly, forged through years of working together to find the most effective solution for their projects.

If your project consists of Commercial Quantities,
we’re here to help, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our engineers and tradespeople examine drawings and specifications to Cut, Press, Stamp, Machine, Mill, Shape, Drill, Weld and Clean your Metal products, Components, Sub-Assemblies and Parts.

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