Metal Fabricators

We have experienced engineers, tradespersons, technicians and staff working together under one roof to manufacture your parts according to your CAD files, drawings, requirements and specifications. Glyde Metal Industries are ‘build to print’ metal fabricators who transform flat steel sheets, metal plates and long product (RHS, Beam, Column, Channel) into three-dimensional finished components.

Our raw material is high quality steel manufactured and sourced within Australia. This means your supply chain is protected from currency movements, shipping delays and international charges. From your CAD designs and drawings, we manufacture steel fabricated parts, sections and assemblies using highly accurate laser cutting, CNC press forming and robotic MIG welding. As part of our full service offering as metal fabricators, surface finishing for your parts is available and we offer: Abrasive blasting, ecoat, chromate, powder coat, zinc plating, galvanising, priming, and wet paint coatings.

Our Accreditation

ISO9001 accredited manufacturer celebrating a silver jubilee for quality – certification continuously held for 25 years.

With three metal laser cutting machines, our capabilities include high accuracy cutting of steel sheet and metal plates up to 6000mm long by 1500mm wide. For steel fabrication our Genius fibre laser is 10 kilowatts of power, state-of-the-art technology that can precisely and cost effectively cut your parts to a very high standard.

The Genius laser is coupled to a twenty-three level Prima Power Tower that fully automatically loads steel sheets into the Genius laser. This Industry 4 technology provides a significant uplift in our ability to meet the demands of your supply chain. Fibre laser (FL) is the new benchmark for accuracy and speed compared to CO2 lasers, the technology that preceded FL. High speed yet accurate laser cut steel allows for higher quality parts to be manufactured more quickly which improves management of your lead time.



With five Brake Presses there is high production capacity to simultaneously process many and varied parts. All Press brakes are CNC computer controlled which provides for high accuracy and ongoing repeatability whether these parts are simple or complex folding operations.

Your parts and components are reviewed by our CAD engineers to check and review the drawings, files, bend radius tolerances and angle outcomes are as intended in your design.

Your parts and components are always in the care of our production team and manufactured in-house by our highly experienced technicians and metal fabricators.


With ten welders and boilermakers plus automated robotic MIG welding our highly skilled team have capacity to fabricate high quality parts, components and assemblies using MIG (GMAW), TIG (GTAW) and Flux Core (FCAW) welding.

Fully supported by our team of engineers and a large workshop of metal fabricators, your project can be assessed, reviewed and manufactured all under one roof. Our welding capability extends to thousands of parts or made to order large components.

Postproduction services are readily available to protect your parts, components and assemblies.

Services available:

Surface cleaning and preparation including shot and sand blasting, wash grinding, passivation and chromate.

Steel hardening including heat treatment.

Protective metal coatings including hot dip galvanising, spin galvanising, zinc plating, ecoat, powder coat, priming and wet paint.


Metal Fabrication Services

Laser Cutting

With state-of-the-art 10 kW fibre laser technology and many years’ experience to match we have the most cost effective advanced metal laser cutter for your job. Steel laser cutting capability from 1mm right up to 25mm means we can expertly and competitively laser cut steel, aluminium and other metals from 2D and 3D CAD designs. Glyde Metal’s laser cutting team is in-house under one roof so your job never leaves our care. Glyde Metal – supplier of laser cut parts to Boeing’s Airpower Teaming System

Press Forming

With modern press brake equipment and experienced technicians we can handle steel from 1mm to 25mm. CNC machine capabilities range from 80 tonnes over 2.5 meters to 400 tonnes over 6.0 meters to get your job done whether simple or complex. We have a depth of experience with brackets of all shapes and sizes for assemblies, components, frames, towers and tanks – just some of the products we manufacture repetitively.


Standard, Robotic and Special Purpose welding to AS1171 is your strength for light, medium and heavy steels. Welding with precision for metal sheet, steel plate, RHS, SHS, Pipe, Flats, Rounds, Squares, Angles, Channel, Beam, Column and more! Examples of our work include heavy truck and trailer parts, brackets for power distribution, frames for high voltage electricity transmission, assemblies for defence Land program. Machining, coating (powder coat, galvanise, ecoat, priming) and assembly are also available.

As steel fabricators, we use and recommend Australian steel

Australian steel is high-quality and second to none for the local and international supply chain. Local supply also means flexibility and the capacity to respond quickly to changes in design, processing, demand volumes and scheduling. Transport embargoes, shipping delays and currency movements are inseparable from imported products.

Glyde Metal Industries is a local company who manufactures with world class products sourced in Australia. Over many years we have built a close working relationship with significant Australian metal manufacturers and suppliers and together we provide you with a low-risk, quality assured supply chain.

Glyde Metal Industries (GMI) is a Build to Print manufacturer and we leverage our ability to provide you with Delivered in Full, On Time (DIFOT) conforming parts, components and assemblies.

As steel fabricators, GMI has a sophisticated process for manufacturing to customer lead times and for over thirty years has performed strongly in delivering for its customers. A focus on improving value has created a high number of repeat customers.



A highly experienced team of metal fabricators reduces your risk.

We place a strong emphasis on an environment where people are valued, which is demonstrated through the length of tenure of our staff.

GMI encourages the team to make contributions to improve project outcomes and provide better solutions.

Health, Safety & Environment

Processes are in place to manage waste and the environment – all waste steel is 100% recycled.


As an essential manufacturer supplying defence and infrastructure our Safety Plan formulated at the at the onset of the pandemic has ensured our manufacturing has continued without interruption during the covid crisis.

Project Management

GMI has a quality accredited process for managing customer orders and repeat manufacture of your parts, components and assemblies.

Inventory Management

We use an MRP (Manufacture Resource Planning) system for controlling the manufacturing process which includes managing your order from receipt to delivery.

Australian made

We buy locally and have access to sufficient stock of Australian Steel to accommodate market inventory fluctuations to manage your production lead times and achieve 95%+ DIFOT.

Our Partners