Steel Fabrication Melbourne

We are providing a high-quality cost effective ‘build to print’ contract manufacturing steel fabrication service for industry, commerce and defence. Our strength is B2B industrial steel fabrication –
your steel fabrication partner, efficient and at your service!

Heavy Transport

The transport sector has long relied upon our metal fabrication suspension and chassis component expertise.


Steel fabrication supplies to Australian Grand Prix Corporation Victoria’s Big Build – SkyRail and Metro Trains Melbourne

Wind & Power

We supply steel fabrication parts and galvanised metal fabrication assemblies for wind towers, switchyards and substations.


Experienced steel fabricator and supplier to defence supply chain, LAND, AEROSPACE, and MARITIME programs.

Local Supply-Chain Accelerators

Steel made in Australia from Australian raw materials.

Your supply chain is protected from pandemics, transport embargoes, shipping delays and currency movements

Protect your supply chain and reduce risk – source your metal fabricated parts from within Australia


Collaboration strengths include reducing risk, production versatility, unique capability multiplier and much more.

Advocating for Australian Defence Capability to Primes and Government.

Supporting innovative and sustainable local manufacturing.

Assisting SME’s to Build. Connect. Champion. Promote.

Helping local SME’s to have the ‘Smart Enough Factory’

Australian steel you can trust. Make sure it’s TruSpec.

Australian made.
Quality and performance you expect.

We buy locally and have access to sufficient stock of Australian Steel to accommodate market inventory fluctuations to manage your production lead times and achieve 95%+ DIFOT.

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Industry 4.0 in Australian Manufacturing

Melbourne is Australia’s engine-room for economic activity, entrepreneurial start-ups and Industry 4.0 as shared data and information is analysed to identify improvements.

By deploying data capture and improving our systems Glyde Metal has positioned itself as a Steel Fabricator of choice being more efficient, reducing waste and increasing productivity.

Our CAD applications and software integrate with our equipment, linking them together more closely, helping our customers to achieve more.  Learn More

Steel Fabrication Dandenong

Glyde Metal has positioned itself as Melbourne’s Steel Fabricator of choice.

With 25 continuous years ISO9001 accreditation and 50 years’ experience in the steel fabrication industry, Glyde Metal has developed a reliable and cost-effective metal fabrication service that transforms mild and high tensile steel plate into three dimensional parts, products and assemblies utilising state-of-the-art steel laser cutting, brake press forming and robotic mig welding.

With a 3,200m2 workshop Glyde Metal is perfectly positioned to service under one roof heavy transport, infrastructure, rail, power transmission and defence as Australian local manufacturing expands through innovation and Industry 4.

Since the early 1990s, Glyde Metal’s owners have built an enviable reputation within Victorian manufacturing and steel fabrication in the Dandenong precinct.

Glyde Metal Industries is headquartered within the industrial corridor of south-east Melbourne, within 3.4 kilometres of Melbourne’s Eastlink M3 freeway and the M1 Monash Freeway arterial transport network, enabling time and cost-saving logistics and distribution. Dandenong is the gateway of Victoria’s regional industrial heartland, the Latrobe Valley.


ISO9001:2015 Celebrating our silver jubilee we are manufacturer with quality accreditation continuously held for 25 years.

SEMMA (South East Melbourne Manufacturers Alliance) : peak Victorian industry group – Manufacturing Member.

ADA (Australian Defence Alliance) Vic : Australia’s largest independent defence advocacy body – Full Member.

Accredited by
Avetta (ID250007583),
Metro Trains Melbourne – reduce risk using a safer, stronger, sustainable supplier.

Defence and Events


With three metal laser cutting machines, our capabilities include high accuracy cutting of steel sheet and metal plates up to 6000mm long by 1500mm wide. For steel fabrication our Genius fibre laser is 10 kilowatts of power, state-of-the-art technology that can precisely and cost effectively cut your parts to a very high standard.

The Genius laser is coupled to a twenty-three level Prima Power Tower that fully automatically loads steel sheets into the Genius laser. This Industry 4 technology provides a significant uplift in our ability to meet the demands of your supply chain. Fibre laser (FL) is the new benchmark for accuracy and speed compared to CO2 lasers, the technology that preceded FL. High speed yet accurate laser cut steel allows for higher quality parts to be manufactured more quickly which improves management of your lead time.


With five Brake Presses there is high production capacity to simultaneously process many and varied parts. All Press brakes are CNC computer controlled which provides for high accuracy and ongoing repeatability whether these parts are simple or complex folding operations.

Your parts and components are reviewed by our CAD engineers to check and review the drawings, files, bend radius tolerances and angle outcomes are as intended in your design.

Your parts and components are always in the care of our production team and manufactured in-house by our highly experienced technicians and metal fabricators.


With ten welders and boilermakers plus automated robotic MIG welding our highly skilled team have capacity to fabricate high quality parts, components and assemblies using MIG (GMAW), TIG (GTAW) and Flux Core (FCAW) welding.

Fully supported by our team of engineers and a large workshop of metal fabricators, your project can be assessed, reviewed and manufactured all under one roof. Our welding capability extends to thousands of parts or made to order large components.

Postproduction services are readily available to protect your parts and services available include:

surface blasting, heat treatment, passivation,

protective coatings including galvanising,

ecoat, zinc plate, chromate, powder coat,

priming, and wet paint.


One-off jobs and customs?

We specialise in supply-chain component manufacturing. Industrial or commercial first-offs and prototypes are only produced with volume orders.

Are you accredited?

Yes, ISO9001 quality accreditation held continuously for more than twenty-five years.

Do you fabricate all types of steel?

We weld Mild and High-tensile metals and Stainless Steel.

CAD drawings, will that be enough for you to provide a quote?

Yes. Usually, CAD drawings and dxf files are all we require, but if you have special requirements, please let us know.

Do you offer coatings and industrial finishes?

Yes, we offer a wide variety of specialised services for your parts, components and assemblies.

Surface preparation including shot and sand blasting, pickling and chemical cleaning, and heat treatment.

Post-production including wash grinding, passivation and electro polishing.

Protective metal coatings including hot dip galvanising, spin galvanising, zinc plating, ecoat, powder coat, priming and wet paint.

Laser cutting, what is available?

Fibre laser is the new benchmark for accuracy and speed and is provided as part of our fabrication service for your production parts, components and assemblies. We do not cut your steel nor offer contract cutting alone.

I don’t have drawings for my job, will you be able to provide a quote?

No, CAD drawings are vital, so we understand your requirements.

What lead-times do you offer?

Vary widely depending upon your project but typically 4-8 weeks.

Onsite fabrication?

We manufacture from our premises in Dandenong, Victoria, Australia and do not provide onsite fabrication services.

What welding is available?

With ten welders and boilermakers plus automated robotic MIG welding our highly skilled team have capacity to fabricate using MIG (GMAW), TIG (GTAW) and Flux Core (FCAW) welding. Our welding capability extends to production runs in the thousands of parts or shorter runs for large components.