Brake Press Forming

Brake pressing is a specialty service provided for twenty five years within our workshop by expert operators who examine the bends and angles on your CAD drawings to repetitively produce the right radius for your parts, every time.

Five CNC presses are at your disposal, from the smaller 80 tonne brake press right up to the larger 400 tonne capacity. Holes on your parts can be optionally laser cut after the parts are press formed to ensure your tolerances are met.
Fabrication comprises laser cutting, press brake and welding processes and as leading repetitive manufacturers for the Smart Grid and Power Distribution industry we don’t cut corners or squeeze the quality of your project.

Simple or complex steel brackets can be expertly formed using one of five CNC brake press machines, from 60 tonnes to 400 tonnes pressing power, which is how we manufactured thousands of mild steel brackets for one of Victoria’s largest infrastructure projects, SkyRail.

Creating tight radius channels from plate steel for the heavy transport industry is done via our 400 tonne CNC heavy duty brakepress. Chassis Rail Hangers, Heavy Brackets, Suspension Components are manufactured in-house by experienced technicians. For production prototypes we can review your CAD drawings and advise regarding bend radius tolerances, bend angles and steel behaviour.

If your project consists of Commercial Quantities,
we’re here to help, don’t hesitate to get in touch.