Smart Grids

Glyde Metal Industries is at the forefront of power distribution fabrication in Australia. Glyde Metal manufactures small, medium and large frames for the high-voltage switch yard and power distribution network.

Local and International companies call upon Glyde Metal’s manufacturing and steel fabrication expertise as new smart grid technologies are deployed into the existing infrastructure.

Smart Grid Australia

Smart Distribution is where the future is and our power transmission partners now have advanced, digitally- controlled devices installed into the network .

These smart devices can maximise the use of an existing energy distribution network by controlling the way power flows, pushing this power to under-utilised paths whilst integrating ever-increasing quantities of new renewables into the transmission grid.

This Industry 4.0 technology, now a component of the Smart Grid here in Australia, requires frames and structures to be manufactured with precision by a reliable and experienced power industry steel fabricator. Glyde Metal Industries has provided power industry parts, components and assemblies for decades and is a manufacturing partner for these new technologies.

Metal Fabricators – Industry 4.0 focused with decades of experience

Founded in 1965 and under the stewardship  of  the  current  owners  since 1993. The company has 35 engineers, tradespeople & staff with a proven record of providing a range of turn-key metal solutions for energy transmission.

Metal Manufacturing

With 3000m2 under one roof a high level of manufacturing project quality control exists within the Glyde Metal workshop environment. Our headquarters is in the industrial heartland of Australia in Dandenong and is within 3.4 kilometres of Melbourne’s Eastlink M3 freeway and the M1 Monash Freeway arterial transport network.

Melbourne remains the engine-room for economic activity in Australia and is heavily favoured by start-ups and Industry 4.0 companies, which gives you a formidable advantage when you partner with Glyde Metal Industries.

Glyde Metal is the Steel Fabricator of choice for established industries including heavy transport, metro rail, hydraulic power and increasingly with new technologies within energy, defence and the gig economy that continue to change at light speed as we move into the fourth industrial revolution.

Bluescope – Steel You Can Trust

GMI uses and recommends steel made in Australia from Australian raw materials. Not only are you getting an excellent first-rate product but your supply chain is protected from pandemics, transport embargoes, shipping delays and currency movements.

Our Engineering Services & Capabilities

CNC Steel Cutting

With state-of-the-art 10 kW fibre laser technology we have the most cost effective advanced metal laser cutter for your job. Steel laser cutting capability from 1mm right up to 25mm means we can expertly and competitively laser cut steel, aluminium and other metals from 2D and 3D CAD designs. Glyde Metal’s laser cutting team is in-house under one roof so your job never leaves our care.

CNC Steel Press Forming

With modern press brake equipment and experienced technicians we can handle steel from 1mm to 25mm. CNC machine capabilities range from 80 tonnes over 2.5 meters to 400 tonnes over 6.0 meters to get your job done, whether simple or complex. We have a depth of experience with brackets of all shapes and sizes for frames, towers, assemblies, components and tanks – just some of the products we manufacture repetitively.

Metal Fabrication & Welding

Standard, Robotic and Special Purpose welding to AS1171 is your strength for light, medium and heavy steels. Welding with precision for metal sheet, steel plate, RHS, SHS, Pipe, Flats, Rounds, Squares, Angles, Channel, Beam, Column and more! Examples of our work include brackets for power distribution, frames for high voltage electricity transmission and assemblies for defence Land program. Machining, coating (powder coat, galvanise, ecoat, priming) and assembly are also available.

Our Partners